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Join our team of members who are making a living working from home doing simple job tasks for thousands of companies in our network. Complete training and jobs program.

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Welcome to Work-From-Home Training
Now Open to All

Hello. My name is Timothy Darwin, and I am the director of Work-From-Home Training. I would personally like to explain what it is we can offer you and invite you to become part of our program. We have guided thousands of members to success using our online tools, training and job program. We have been dealing with legitimate work-from-home jobs for over eight years and provide our knowledge and experience to all of our members. If you have a few minutes, I would like to explain more.

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Legitimate Jobs
proven job program

First, I would like to make something very clear. We are NOT a get-rich-quick company, we are not offering a work-at-home business or franchise. If you entered our website looking for these types of opportunities, I am sorry to inform you, that the programs we offer are legitimate proven income-generating jobs that are designed to have you work and make money

Our Jobs in the News
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WFHT interview on ABC News

Our Credential
rated top work-at-home jobs

We have been praised by legitimate review sites with the highest ratings. We are certified with several other organizations such as Web Assured, Web Guard, BIB, and Honest e-Online to name a few. We have received top work-at-home honor several years in a row by Consumer-Rated and recently received their "Editor's Choice Award."


Outsourcing Jobs
companies looking for help

With the power of the Internet companies large and small are finding it beneficial to outsource work online -- which helps increase their profits and expand their brand, services and products. Using outsourcing channels such as our program is one of the most effective ways companies are finding to accomplish these tasks and offering our workers a great opportunity. The best part is that more companies are being added daily.


How it Works
easy-to-follow program

We have created a program that is simple to learn new job tasks that are designed to create income working at home. Most of our members had no prior experience in the job fields we provide. With our training and tutorials they are able to learn new skills that will help them earn income well into the future. Just follow the training programs and you too can add many new skills to your portfolio and be ahead in the world of online work-at-home workers.


Jobs That Suits You
several jobs to choose from

You won't have to settle for one job task or pay structure that you really don't care for. With ten primary job programs, we will have at least one that you will love to perform and feel confident in doing. Many times you will find multiple job tasks through our program that are fun to do and can earn you a nice income. You are not obligated to have to do any job programs we provide. We leave the jobs you choose to do entirely up to you.



All the Tools Provided
we give you everything you need

One if the most important aspects of being successful working at home is having the right tools and software to perform the required tasks. It can be very time consuming and expensive trying to gather the needed tools and software on your own. We provide each member with the needed tools and software at no charge. By doing this it will allow our members to focus on doing the needed jobs and earning money without expense and wasted time.

40,000 + Companies
our large network of companies

Our network consists of over 40,000 companies that deal with all types of niches and products which include business, sports, health, recreation, family, retail, society, services just too name a few. We have everything from small businesses to fortune 500 companies for you to partner with directly. As an independent worker you will retain all of your earnings and will be 1099 at the end of the year. We don't take any of your earnings.

Payment Types
how you are paid

The earning potential is entirely up to your work efforts. The more you work, the more you can earn. With all of the job programs the pay structure will be different from job to job. If you prefer to make an hourly wage -- we have jobs that pay by the hour. If you want to be paid for each completed assignment -- we have those jobs available. If you want to earn higher income through commissions -- we will provide those job opportunities as well. We cover all the bases.

Earning Potential

How much you earn is entirely up to you. If you can only spend limited time (maybe at start) you can earn $100 a day spending as little as an hour a day which is a nice supplement to your current income. Once you dedicate more time you can start earning a very nice income that can replace your current income. Dedicated members of our work-at-home jobs program can earn as much as $500 or more per day!

"Just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful program. I've already earned money in the first two weeks working just part time. I've been looking for something like this for so long and all the things I saw out there seemed to be a big scam.  Anyway, thank you again for your program. I'm very exited about seeing my results grow as time goes on."

Alyona B. - Vinnytsia, Ukrain

"Hello  Donna, Santiv here just wanted to write an email to you and to the people that are considering in trying out your program. Well if you are thinking of doing it I would strongly recommend it.  I have been doing the program for about two and a half months, five days a week and I have seen some dramatic earnings. thank you."

Santiv S. - Nagpur, India
I've been trying this for 3 weeks now and all that has happened is I have earned money for the first time with any work at home program. I would love to tell future members all about this program to set them at ease knowing they are getting a legitimate work-at-home program. Feel free to have potential members contact me and I will let them know. I am so excited I can't stop working."

Barbara E. - Kirkwood, MO. USA

"Before I began your program I was very skeptical that I would actually earn any money. After my first month I earned a great deal of money. I have never earned any money form any other websites. This is very encouraging. I can see myself doing this full time in the very near future. This has had a huge impact on my life, Work at home jobs works!"

Ben W. Shefffield, England, U.K
"I came into this thing thinking that claims of $200 or more would be hard to come by, but I did think that this would work, I have already seen gains for myself, without being TRUELY dedicated.  I am making it a point to stick to it now and I know I will be able to meet my personal goals."

Michael. E. - Newport News, VA. USA

"Thanks for your great program!!! I have earned almost $600 just this week. This only makes you want to work harder and longer knowing all your efforts are not for nothing like so many other programs I have tried in the past. I sure have never got anything this good."

Debbie F. - Blackburn, Australia

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To whom we offer this work-at-home program

We can offer this program to anyone who has desire and determination to work at home doing simple job tasks. If you have a home-based PC, laptop, or tablet, an Internet connection and are willing to follow instructions, put in an effort you can do the jobs we provide and earn an income doing so. If you are tired of all the get-rich-quick scams, jobs that require you to invest money, are tired of punching a time clock and making someone else money, then this job may be for you.

If you are from any of the 200 + countries we provide this program you too can participate. Because this is a Global job program it opens the door to many more people wanting to earn income working at home. We currently have helped over 20,000 people from over 100 countries earn a living work from any location they choose.

We provide our complete training and job programs in 81 different languages to assure all of our members have a complete understanding of how all the jobs work.

Exactly what we provide each of our members

We provide you with instant access directly to our online program -- so you can get started today! You will get access to the ten job programs complete with the needed training, tools, resources, and needed software. With our program we provide complete support if needed -- our support team is just a click away. You will find additional helpful resources such as skills training, helpful business tools, certification opportunities and bonus programs (which include thousands of additional work-at-home opportunities).

Everything we just mentioned is worth hundreds of dollars and we give all of this to each member for free. Once a member we will never have hidden costs. Once you are in our program we do everything to remove barriers that will get in your way of earning income.