Work-From-Home Training
Join our team of members who are making a living working from home doing simple job tasks for thousands of companies in our network. Complete training and jobs program.

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 Job Programs We Give Our Team Members

We provide each and every one of our team members with complete training and jobs for the following work-at-home job programs: 

  • Global Data-Entry Processor
  • Clerical & Admin Data Entry
  • Web Research Assistant
  • General Audio Transcription
  • Audit Processing & Business Evaluation
  • Web Proofreading & Editing
  • SEO Content Provider & Article Writing Programs
  • Marketing Typist
  • Credit Card Processor
  • Home Secretarial & Vurtual Assisting

All of the jobs mentioned above are among the top income earning work-at-home job opportunities you will find on the Internet today!.

We will provide you with complete job descriptions for all the mentioned job programs we offer.

With our training you will not need any prior experience in any of the job fields we offer. Even the most novice member can do these jobs.

All of the job programs we provide you will not need to go and find the jobs yourself. We provide you either with the actual job itself to perform and earn income, or the company directly in our program to work for.

Clerical Data Entry

With the traditional Online Data-Entry Clerk job, you will do projects like spreadsheets, making business literature, word processing, etc. You'll also do tasks like making fax cover sheets, company newsletters, and more.

Most of the work is already designed and you simply reproduce the supplied content and send it back to the companies in the format they require.

We'll train you in every aspect of this job so you know all the needed formats and requirements by each company.

If you don't have a word processor program no worries, we will supply one for you for free!

Web Research Assistant

As a Web research assistant you'll be asked to view certain Web sites, and online programs. After you do a review you'll type your data-research reports on your overall appraisal of the companies.

All of the work is done online from your home. You'll have the opportunity to visit focus groups in your area as well.

These basic online jobs will take an average of about 30 minutes from start to finish. Longer assignments usually mean more earning potential. We have over 300 direct research companies in our network.

Content Article Writer

Content article typist are the fastest growing jobs on the Internet. It is currently one job that has many more jobs available than workers who can perform them. The reason is that there is a constant need for fresh content for millions of websites. You'll be creating very short articles based on the particular company's content.

Many articles are as simple as copying a company's current content and spinning it (changing it around). This is usually preferred by the company as well. You'll have four main job opportunities as an article typist with our program. We'll give separate training for each one that can earn you a good income.

Web Proofreader & Editor

Web proofreaders with our program don't need prior experience. However, you should have a good understanding of your language and grammar. Based on that, this job may not be for everyone.

You'll explore current websites and look for any mistakes, then contact the owner with an estimate on what you'd charge to correct the mistakes.

There are several million websites in many languages, which opens up an endless amount of work.

We train you how to get some of this outsourced work on the Internet that you can do from your home.

Credit Card Processor

Hundreds of banks have realized that by outsourcing their application process they will save millions in costs. This is fantastic news for you. You can easily do this and supplement your current income, or if you are like many of our members, easily surpass that income.

You will send out online applications and forward the information to the credit card companies. You will never need to personally review or approve the applications.

This is an automated process done by the credit card companies. We will show you how to easily process credit cards online for many credit card companies that will pay you directly for your work.



With the Global-Data-Entry job, all you need to do is type a few short lines of data, and post them to the sources we provide. Once that is complete, hit the enter key, and you're done. YES, it's that simple.

The more data you type, the more money you can make. people are making a good income with this program.

With this program we'll teach you everything you need to know about doing these data-entry jobs. After you complete our online training you will be able to submit data in ten minutes or less. Work directly with over 40,000 companies in our Global network.

Audio Transcriber

You'll be doing general audio transcription which is basically listening to tapes, digital recordings, CDs, video, etc. and typing what you hear into a text format. You'll get assignments to convert speeches, focus group discussions, presentations, meetings and more.

This job training program is only for general basic audio transcription; you don't need any prior medical, legal or coding experience to do these jobs.

We give you all the software and tools that are needed to do work-from-home transcribing.

Business Evaluator

You'll be working as a field auditor surveying companies, products, and services in your area. You'll log into your separate field auditor account and decide which audits you would like to do, based on the pay or your interest. After you decide which audits you would like to do, you'll travel to the business to conduct your audit. One of the first things we'll do is get you certified as a field auditor.

This is done online and of course with no additional costs. We'll then show you what's expected on the reports you will be turning in, which is all done by computer fax or e-mail.

Virtual Assistant

Doing virtual home secretarial jobs is one of the most popular jobs you can do from home. You'll be doing everything from scheduling appointments, faxing documents, typing proposals and anything that would be done in an off-site office you will do from your home.

With our training in traditional data entry, transcription, proofreading and global-data-entry you will get all of the skills you need to do many of these job tasks.

We'll show you how to organize your home office, give you detailed training how to complete and send job assignments.

Online Typing Jobs

With our additional online typing jobs we will provide you with job programs such as Article-Revenue sharing, Response Typist, and Marketing Typist. We also will include a home-business program Secretarial Home Business which will show you how to start your own home business doing clerical and virtual assisting.

We'll give you complete training, software and all the tools needed to do all the additional job and business programs we provide, and best of all, for free with no costs out of your pocket.

With the additional Online-Typing Job programs we give you a total of 13 job programs with one membership.